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Odontomantis is a small, beautifull and brisk mantis. Typical for this genus ist their ant- mimicry, which they loss not until their imaginal molt. The mantids imitate ants also in their behavior.

Odontomantis inhabits bushes and shrubs.

This genus can be kept in groups, because their aggressiveness is not very distinct. Also adults can be kept together, but you should seperate them after sexes.

At presen, at least 16 species are described, e.g. Odontomantis hainana (TINKHAM, 1937), O. micans (SAUSSURE, 1871) and O. parva (GIGLIO-TOS, 1915).

Typical look of the nymphs (example: O. micans):

  • L2: black, very small nymphs, ant- mimicry
  • L3: black, tibia of the arms brown- orange, ant- mimicry
  • L4: black, arms: tibia brown- orange, femura black, coxa green; ant- mimicry
  • L5: black with green legs, arms like L4, ant- mimicry
  • L6: upper side black, abdomen: black stripe, borders lightred, underside green, arms: tibia orange- brown, rest green; males are subadult, ant- mimicry
  • L7: males adult; females (subadult): upper side black longitudinal stripe, borders lightred, pronotum green longitudinal stripe, borders black, underside green, arms like L6, ant- mimicry

Odontomatis is a very beautiful genus in behaviour and look. You should take care of the very small nymphs, which need least food. This genus is recommended for beginners, experiences in keeping mantids is advantageous, because of the size of the nymphs.