The Japanese Bell Cricket are adult 1,5cm sized, black and very interesting crickets. The white antennas have a black nib and a size of (etwa 4cm). They live not hided, so you can watch them optimally in the terrarium. They are also active during the day. Therby they walk cricket- unlike very slow through the terrarium. Even in case of danger, they jump very seldom and not persistently (1- 2 jumps).
The flight occurs by more or less fast running. But catching by hand is no problem, because the crickets do not jump or run far away.

At present, at least 3 species are described: Meloimorpha albicornis (WALKER, 1869), M. cincticornis (WALKER, 1870) and M. japonica (HAAN, 1842).

Typical look of the nymphs:

  • like bigger nymphs

The adult males chirr in the evening or at night, sometimes during the day.