The indication of the copulation readiness means the time from the last molt to the first copulation readiness. It's only a notion and depends on the aviable food and keeping conditions.

Female 3- 4 weeks after the last molt
Copulation Period 1- 5 hours
Ooths First building ca. 10 days after copulation
Period 2- 3 weeks
Size ca. 4cm
Shape longish, flat
Color lightbrown
Size 6mm
Look red brown body, black grey head and legs
Hint Since the males molt 2- 3 times less, they should be kept cooler from L4/ L5 (22°C- 24°C) and should be less fed. In contrary the females should be kept more warm and get more food.
If you have more adult males, one or two can be placed to the female in hoping for a mating. If you have less males, you should watch them the hole time. When the male has recognized the female, it remains motionless at a distance of 30cm, then he follows her. This procedure can take several hours. When the male jumps on the female, the copulation starts immediatly within less seconds or minutes. Sometimes the male jumps on the female directly after noticing.