Neodanuria are big mantids who mimic branches. The colour and the body are perfectly fit to their habitat. While they put on their legs and spread their arms far away from the body, they sit stock- still almost their whole live on branches or in bushes and wait for their prey, invisible for predators.

Neodanuria inhabits bushes or branches of trees. They also can be found in barks or gardens.

The agressiveness of this genus is very low. This is also because of their proportional small arms. But cannibalism can never be excluded. Thus they can be kept in groups. But you have to pay attention, that every mantis has its own branch and the terrarium has to be sizeable.

At present, at least 2 species are described, Neodanuria bolauana (SAUSSURE, 1869) and Neodanuria simonettai (LA GRECA & LOMBARDO, 1986).

Typical look of the nymphs:

  • L2 and above: nymphs look like the adults

Neodanuria is a imposing and interesting genus. Experiences are essential to keep and breed them. Also the adult size should not be undervalued.