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Oxyopsis are middle-sized mantids of the normal- type. Because of their gentle look with the lightgreen wings of the females and the transparent male`s wings, they are very beautiful mantids.

The eyes empurple in the night.

Oxyopsis inhabits bushes and trees of the tropical rainforest.

This genus can be kept in groups, because their aggressiveness is very low. But take care of enough food and space to escape.

At present, at least 11 species are described, e.g. Oxyopsis festae (GIGLIO-TOS, 1914), O. gracilis (GIGLIO-TOS, 1914), O. oculea (REHN, 1920), O. peruviana (CHOPARD, 1916) and O. stali (GIGLIO-TOS, 1914).

Typical look of the nymphs:

  • L2: black- grey, like bigger nymphs, comparatively big
  • L3: turns into green

Oxyopsis is a beautifull and small mantid. It demands a great deal of the correct keeping, thus this genus is not recommended for beginners.