Plistospilota is one of the biggest known species and belongs to the normyl-type mantids. With their huge arms and powerful mandibles, they can overwhelm biggest prey like migratory locust and small mice.

Plistospilota inhabits bushes and shrubbes with less tangly branches.

This genus is very aggressive among each other, so they should not kept togehter. Just nymphs up to L5 can be kept in groups with enough space and food.

At present, at least 10 species are described, e.g. Plistospilota congica (GIGLIO-TOS, 1917), P. guineensis (ROY, 1965), P. maxima (GIGLIO-TOS, 1917) and P. nova (BEIER, 1930).

Typical look of the nymphs:

  • L2: like bigger nymphs, no mimicry

Plistospilota is an impressive and interresting mantid. Because of her adult size of 10cm they need a respectivly huge terrarium. This genus is not recommended for beginners, because experiences are required respecting the size and weight of the mantid.