virescens virescens


Pseudoharpax is a small, colourful genus, which is similar- looking to Creobroter.

Because of their low size, they can easy be kept in small terrariums.

Both sexes have conical, on the top rounded eyes, which protrude over the head. At they they embrown (purple). In case of danger, they jump and run away hectically. Males are very good flyers.

In an enough huge terrarium, nymphs up to L5 can be kept togehter. Afterwards females should be single- kept.

At present, at least 10 species are descried, e.g. Pseudoharpax beieri (LA GRECA, 1951), P. ugandanus (GIGLIO-TOS, 1915), P. virescens virescens (SERVILLE, 1839) and P. virescens centralis (LA GRECA, 1954).

Typical look of the nymphs:

  • Pseudoharpax is easy to keep and to breed and recommended for beginners.