Pseudempusa are huge mantids. The body shape is similar to species like Euchomenella, just their body is more compact. Species of this genus are not specialized on any food, they overwhelm nearly everything which is smaller or as big as themselves.

The aggressiveness is medium, but a community- keeping is not recommended. Larvae up to L4/ L5 can be kept together, seperate females as soon as possible.

At present, at least 2 species are described: Pseudempusa pavonina (GIGLIO-TOS, 1916) and P. pinnapavonis (BRUNNER VON WATTENWYL, 1892).

Typical look of the nymphs:

  • red brown, glossy, striped legs, spider- mimicry?

Pseudempusa show an impressing camouflage- behaviour, in case of danger. The mantids sit on twigs or leaves with wide extended arms to mimic a twig.