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Taumantis are middle- sized mantids. They bear a resemblance to Oxyopsis.

The aggressiveness of this genus is high, especially adult females. Thus a community- keeping is not recommended. Just nymphs up to L4/ L5 can be kept together.

At present, at least 3 species are described, e.g. Taumantis cephalotes (GERSTAECKER, 1883) and T. sigiana (GIGLIO-TOS, 1911).

Typical look of the nymphs:

  • L2: Lightbrown/ orange
  • L3: like bigger nymphs

Taumantis are recommended for beginners, just the mating is not that easy (aggressiveness of the females). Especially the ooths are very beautifull (T. sigiana) with its green colouration.