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Tamolanica belongs to the normal- type mantids. Characteristically is the distinctive pronotum (similar to Rhombodera) and the strong arms. They can even overwhelm huge prey.

Tamolanica inhabits warm, not to dry areas.

The aggressiveness is very high. Thus a community- keeping is not possible. Just nymphs up to L5 can be kept together. Afterwards, even the males, they should be separated.

At present, at least 10 species are described, e.g. Tamolanica denticulata (KRAUSS, 1902), T. leopoldi (WERNER, 1930), T. splendida (HEBARD, 1920) and T. tamolana (BRANCSIK, 1897).

Tamolanica is a big and beautifull mantis. This genus is suitable for beginners, because they do not demand a great deal in keeping them. But their aggressiveness should not be underestimated.