Theopropus is a middle- sized mantis. The appearance looks like a mixture of Creobroter and Pseudocreobotra. In case of danger, they flew with short, hectically jumps.

At the night the eyes empurple.

This genus is not suitable to be kept in groups. Just small nymphs up to L3 can be kept together. From L4 the sexes should be separated, beacause of their different sizes. Also adult females should be singl- kept. The aggressiveness is very high.

At present, at least 3 species are described: Theopropus borneensis (BEIER, 1942), T. cattulus (WESTWOOD, 1889) and T. elegans (WESTWOOD, 1832).

Typical look of the nymphs:

  • L2: red body, black- grey legs and head
  • L3: like bigger nymphs

The demand in keeping is similarly high as Hymenopus, but the breeding is more complicated.