Eremiaphila is small ground-inhabiting mantid, with a compact build. They are fast runners and because of their long legs, they are optimal adjust to the hot desert- ground.

Females as well as males have reduced wings. The colours of the mantids can differ between grey and beige. Eremiaphila can only be found on the ground, quite rarely in lower vegetation.

Especiallity of this genus is, that they molt while standing.

This genus is very aggressive, so they should not kept together. Also young nymphs (L3) should be seperated.

At present, at least 68 species are described, e.g. Eremiaphila brunneri (WERNER, 1905) and E. fraseri (UVAROV, 1921).

Typical look of the nymphs:

  • from L2: like bigger nymphs

Eremiaphila is not only becauses of their speciality how to molt a very interesting genus. But they are not recommended for beginners, freshly hatched nymphs need least feed. Furthermore a very high temperature is needed to keep and breed the mantids succesfully. They also need special feed, because they do not tolerate any kind of food, but dry- living feed, like springtails.