The indication of the copulation readiness means the time from the last molt to the first copulation readiness. It's only a notion and depends on the aviable food and keeping conditions.

Male ca. 2 weeks after the last molt
Female ca. 2 weeks after the last molt
Copulation Period ca. 3- 7 hours
Ooths First building 3 days to 3 weeks after copulation
Period 4- 5 days
Place leafes, branches
Number 10- 15
Size ca. 2cm- 2,5cm
Shape box shaped, long, at the end with a thread, ripped
Color lightbrown

Especialness: after the building the ooth is covered with white foam, which collapses after spraying
Incubation Temperature ca. 30°C
Humidity 70%- 90% (spray them every day)
Period 4- 5 weeks
Hatching Number 12- 35
Size 8mm- 10mm
Look white/ grey, like bigger nymphs
Breeding Temperature 30°C- 40°C
Humidity 70%- 90% (spray them every day)
Hint You should not feed especially the females with crickets, because this can lead to gastrointestinal problems.
If the males do not want to mate, you can raise the temperature up to 40°C- 45°C for a few days.