Lightning Source Daylight is enough, Halogeneous- lamps etc. recommended
Period ca. 12 hours


All data for the temperature are guide values.

In a big cage the temperature should be from the minimum to the maximum temperature, so that the mantis can choose the best temperature. But the maximum temperature should only be reached on a small spot.
In smaller cages should the middle between the max. and the min. temperatures be choosed.

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Day 25°C- 32°C
Night not less than 20°C


Please also take a look at General

Day 40%- 60%
Night 50%- 70%
Hint spray every 2- 3 days


The indication of the cagesize is L x S x H (lenght x spreads x height).

Please also take a look at General

Single-Keeping at least 15cm x 15cm x 20cm
Community-Keeping Larvae: at least 20cm x 20cm x 20cm
adult males: at least 30cm x 30cm x 50cm (ca. 5 males)
Setup branches, twigs, barksticks
Substrate earth-sand-mixture, sand, pulp
Food Drosophila, flys, moths, crickets, cockroaches
Hint The mantids are sensitive against coldness, even for a short time. A sign can be nerveless and motionless animals. It is important to increase the temperature immediatly, up to 35°C. After a short time they will regenerate and you can lower the temperature to "normal" conditions. This phenomenom often appears with sub- or adult ones, especially after transporting them while low temperatures. Generally, Parasphendale should be kept rather with higher temperatures, than with lower.