The indication of the copulation readiness means the time from the last molt to the first copulation readiness. It's only a notion and depends on the aviable food and keeping conditions.

Male ca. 1 week after the last molt
Female ca. 3 weeks after the last molt
Copulation Period ca. 6- 10 hours
Ooths First building 4-6 weeks after the last molt
Period 4 weeks
Number up to 4
Size 4cm- 6cm
Shape longish
Color lightgray to white

Especialness: after the building the ooth is covered by a white foam, which will be destroyed after spraying water
Incubation Temperature 30°C
Humidity 80%- 100% (spray them every day)
Period 4- 6 weeks
Substrate wet cocos- moult
Hatching Number up to 120, averaged 40
Size ca. 8mm
Look red body, black head and legs, ant-mimikry
Breeding Temperature 25°C- 30°C
Humidity 70%- 90%, not too wet
Substrate wet cocos- moult, but not too wet
Hint Keep looking for a good ventilation.
The females will molt two more times than the males. Because of this, keep the males colder and do not feed them as much as the females. So the males will need longer to get adult. This ensures you will be able to breed them when they hatched out of the same ooth.