The indication of the copulation readiness means the time from the last molt to the first copulation readiness. It's only a notion and depends on the aviable food and keeping conditions.

Male ca. 1 week after the last molt
Female ca. 1 week after the last molt
Copulation Period ca. 20 minutes
Ooths First building 2- 14 days
Period 6- 8 days
Place on leaves
Number 10- 15
Size ca. 1cm
Shape roundish, ribbed
Color yellow- lightbrown
Incubation Temperature 25°C- 32°C
Humidity 70%- 90% (spray daily)
Period 3- 4 hours
Hatching Number up to 30
Size 5mm
Look black, ant- mimicry
Breeding Temperature 25°C- 30°C
Humidity 70%- 90% (avoid stagnant moisture)
Hint As soon as the male recognizes the female, he jumps on her without any courtship. Even if the female trys to catch the male, the male jumps fast and skilful on her back, so that she is not able to nab him. After copulation the male remains on the female (up to 4 hours).
The nymphs are very small and need least food (e.g. springtails or D. melanogaster).