spurca crassa


The indication of the copulation readiness means the time from the last molt to the first copulation readiness. It's only a notion and depends on the aviable food and keeping conditions.

Male ca. 10 days after the last molt
Female ca. 2 weeks after the last molt
Copulation Period ca. 6 hours
Ooths First building 1- 5 days after copulation
Period 3- 4 weeks
Number up to 8
Size ca. 2cm
Shape flat
Color grey
Incubation Temperature ca. 25°C- 30°C
Humidity 70%- 100% (spray daily)
Period 4- 5 weeks
Substrate wet cocos- humus
Hatching Number up to 135, averaged 90- 110
Size 8mm
Look like bigger nymphs, white cervix and white leg- nib
Breeding Temperature 24°C- 28°C
Humidity 50 - 70 % (spray every 2nd day)
Substrate wet cocos- humus
Hint The nymphs can dry out fast, so they have to be kept more wet, but avoid stagnant moisture.
Young nymphs need small Drosophila (D. melanogaster).