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Hymenopus is a well known and very beautiful genus. Because of their white color and orchid-imitating looking they are also known as orchid mantis.

Hymenopus can be found in the near or at flowers like orchids.

Mantids of this genus should be single-kept. Only nymphs up to L4 and males can be kept together. The females should be seperated.

At present, at least 2 species are described: Hymenopus coronatoides (WANG, LIU & YIN, 1994) and H. coronatus (OLIVIER, 1792).

Typical look of the nymphs:

  • L2: red body with black head and black legs, ant-mimikry
  • L3 and up: white, like bigger nymphs

Mantids of the genus Hymenopus are not easy to breed or keep. It is not very easy to meet their requirements concerning light, temperature and humidity.