spurca crassa
Name latin Popa spurca crassa
english African Twig Mantis
IGM-Number 53
Systematics Super-Order Dictyoptera
Order Mantodea
Family Mantidae
Subfamily Vatinae
Tribe Danuriini
First Description Author GIGLIO-TOS
Year 1917

Quotation of Size

The given size is measured from the head to the end of the abdomen, without the wings.

Male 6,5cm- 7cm
Female 7,5cm- 8cm

Quotation of the Lifespan

The lifespan is given in month and has the following definition:

overall-age ("time between hatching and imago" + "lifespan after the last molting")

Example: 9 (2 + 7) month lifespan
overall-age = 9 month
time between hatching and imago = 2 month
lifespan after the last molting = 7 month

Male 6,5 (4,5 + 2) months / ~ 8 moltings
Female 11 (5 + 6) months / ~ 9 moltings


Morphologically differences between male and female.

Male L5 and above: essentually thinner than females, 3- 4 small appandages on the upper side of the abdomen
adult: complete wings, volant, essentually thinner than females, the base of the antennas is thickened, wings longer than the abdomen
Female L5: more compact than males, 3- 4 big, visible appendages on the upper side of the abdomen
adult: reduced wings, nonvolant, more compact than males, thin antennas
Spreading Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Somalia, Tanzania, Uganda
The description of this species is based on individuals of the following origin:
Malindi (Kenya)
Habitat bushes and shrubbes
inhabits dry areas
Aggressiveness high
Colorvariants black, darkgrey, grey brown
Hint In case of danger, they spread their arms far away from their body and remain in their canouflage- behavior motionless, even when touching them.