Ventilation / Temperature
Growth / Lifespan
Reproduction & Sexing
Terrarium Size
rule of thumb: The minimum size for mantids is easy to define on your own:
  • Length = Width = 2x Size of the mantid
  • Heigth = 3x Size of the mantid
The information of the terrarium minimum sizes are conform with this rule. But usual measures have been chosen. Therefore the terrarium sizes can be larger.
Also for keeping in groups, if possible, minimum sizes have been defined. These ones should be followed to avoid stress for the animals.
Terrarium Generally every container with enough ventilation (s. "ventilation")can be used. The most beautiful are glass-terrariums. Sometimes small glass-terrariums with two ventilation areas are available. The ceiling should be covered with fly-screen or similar things, therewith the mantids can adhere to it. This is very important for the molting.
The cheapest and easiest way to keep mantids, especially when you want to keep several mantids, are plastic containers. Recommendable are 5 or 6 litre boxes. These are available at exchanges or at wholesales.